Big fishing game in La Gomera - Canary Islands

Big game fishing: sensations and adrenaline guaranteed in La Gomera


The big game fishing requires patience. After one more or less wait suddenly the line tight and the Shimano reel screams. Blue marlin is there. The duel begins between the man and the fish. Sensations and adrenalin are there.

Lines and reels for big game fishing in La Gomera (Canary Islands)

Big game fishing techniques

We practice several types of fishing :

  • Fishing lures
  • Switch and bait with live or dead bait: this technique involves trolling unarmed lures and, when the fish shows, to send to the fish a natural bait

Fishing for blue marlin in La Gomera (Canary Islands)

Season for the big game fishing in La Gomera (Canary Islands)

In La Gomera, The fishing season is shared in 2 parts :

  • March until May: giant bluefin
  • May until the end of September: blue marlin, yellowfin and big eyes
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